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Webinar on " Faceless Assessment & Appeal - The Roadmap for a Fearless Tax Regime"
Webinar on "Attitude is Altitude… A Discovery"
Webinar on " Importance of Effective Business
Webinar on "COVID Testing: Its Accuracy, Needs , Legal Compliance and Usefulness"
Webinar on "Investors Behaviour in Turbulent Time"
Webinar on “Aatmanirbhar Bharat: A Way Forward for Indian Textile and Apparel Industry”
Webinar on " Be Vocal About Local"
Webinar On Atmanirbhar Bharat
Webinar On "Legal information on staff in the current crisis"
Webinar On "Mental Health and Roads"
Webinar on Face 2 Face Webinar on Traffic & Mobility issues in City
Webinar on "Surat Smart City: Vision 2030"
Webinar on Guidance from a senior official of the State Tax Department, South Gujarat Division
Webinar on Who Moved My Cheese
Webinar on Curtain Raiser of HRM Summit 2020 India
Webinar on "Exploring Doctoral Level Fellow Program for Working Practitioners"
Webinar on Surat Smart City Vision 2030 Surat Diamond Bourse
Webinar on "India Wakes: Post Corona Virus New World Order"
Face 2 Face With DGVCL
Webinar on "Business Opportunities in Thailand"
Webinar on "How to stay relaxed in the current stressful environment ?"
Webinar on "Blessing in Disguise of Corona Times in Textile"
Webinar on "Money speaks. If you save me today, I will save you tomorrow. How can this be?"
Webinar on "Opportunities for Business with South Africa"
Webinar on "Smart and Efficient Garment Factories as Engine for Growth for Gujarat Textile Industry"
Webinar on "How do you get a "boat" ashore out of a "boat" situation?"
Webinar on "Opportunities in cold storage for fruits and vegetables"
Webinar on "Foreign Trade Policy and Changes in Foreign trade Policy under the circumstance for Covi
Webinar on "Prevention and solutions for all knee problems"
Webinar on "Current market conditions and opportunities"
Webinar on " How India will survive without China ?"
Webinar on " American Immigration and VISA"
Webinar on " How to Restructure MSME & Other Loans? (As per RBI Circular Dated 06th Aug, 2020)"
Webinar on " Future Prospects after 10th, 12th and Graduation in New Education System"
Webinar on " Empowering Gujarat Industries with Solar Lowering Energy Cost & Increasing Profit"
80th Installation Ceremony 2020 21
Webinar on "TCS & E-invoicing provisions and other IT & GST Updates"
Seminar on "Breast Cancer Awareness"
Exploring Multi-Sectoral Convergence for POSHAN Abhiyaan
GFRRC Textile Parv - Future Forecasting 2020 _ Day-1
Personality Traits - Steps to personality development
Effects of Sexual Harassment on Children and Precautionary Measures
GFRRC Textile Parv - Future Forecasting 2020 _ Day-2
GFRRC Textile Parv - Future Forecasting 2020
NEW LABOUR CODES and Unemployment Benefit under ESI_Day-1
NEW LABOUR CODES and Unemployment Benefit under ESI_Day-2
NEW LABOUR CODES and Unemployment Benefit under ESI_Day-3
Corona Public Awareness Seminar
General Awareness in Banking
Will this BULL RUN sustain ?
Webinar on Study Abroad
QRMP (Quarterly Return Monthly Payment) SCHEME under GST Act
7 Tools to Grow Your Business Digitally
Presentation on Upcoming High Speed Train (Bullet Train) Project
Webinar on SME
Aatmaniarbhar Bharat Rozgar Yojana (ABRY)
Leading in a VUCA World - The Military Paradigm of Navigating in a VUCA Environment
Session on "Career in Beauty Industry towards Women Empowerment" by Lakme Academy
Kavi Sammelan
Interactive Session with Mr.Siddharth Randeria, Famous Film and Drama Actor
Real Estate and Capital Gain with Sec 50 C and Sec 54 Video
Weaving & Embroidary Precautions of Machinery During & After Lockdown
Unlimited Power within You BY Shir Sneh Desai
Opportunities and Challenges in Corona Times
Corona Lockdown Keep Fit with Diet & Exercise
Post Budget Analysis with Dr. Jay Narayan Vyas & Dr. Bakul Dholakiya
Knowledge Sharing Session on Recent Amendments & Developments under GST & Income Tax
Webinar on The Importance of Business Communication
Water Purification Technology for MSMEs
Webinar on Raise Your Immune I.Q.
Webinar on Way Forward for Equity & Debt
Corona Ath to Iti
Webinar on Pay Tax Get Rich
Why does the stock market go so high despite the terrible recession?
Webinar on 7 Life Mantras
Webinar on 5 Innovative Approaches to develop a New Business & Grow Current Business
Interpretation of well-known criminal clauses
Webinar on Basics of Intellectual Property Rights
Webinar on 10 Big Multi-Bagger Ideas
Webinar on Regional OTT – A New Entertainment Stream
Webinar on 7 Mantras of Success in your Business
Webinar on I Don't have time, is what most entrepreneur often say
Webinar on Impact of 2nd Wave of Corona on Industry
how are you ?
Webinar on New Procedure for Registration of Trust & NGO Under Income Tax Act, 1961
Sharing Life Journey of Shri Girish Luthra
Webinar on Dealing with Uncertainty
"Gujarat and Gujarat's identity"
Webinar On 3 Entrepreneurs, 3 Unique Business, 3 Inspirational Stories & Their Success Strategies
Webinar on Medical Conference
Webinar on Importance of Will
Preventive Health, Strength & Immunity-Concept in this Pandemic through Bhartiya Ayurved & Yog
Webinar on Principles of Classification of HSN under GST
Webinar on MSME Funding – An Alternative Source of Raising Funds
Webinar on Make your Career in UPSC & GPSC
Webinar on Power of Public Speaking & Communication
Webinar on Medical Conference
Webinar on Sharing Life Journey of Shri Savjibhai Dholakiya ( Founder & Chairman, Hari Krishna Expor
Webinar on Commitment V/S Concern
Webinar on Classification of Services – Insights on Concepts of Mixed and Composite Supply
Webinar on Post COVID Health Plan & Health Lessons Learnt
Webinar on WhatsApp Business
Webinar on Start-ups - Tax and Regulatory Perspective
Importance of Will - Part 2
Webinar on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) at Work
Webinar on Direct Selling - Future Way of New Business
Webinar on How to Reuse Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CEPT) Water ?
Webinar on The Effective Role of the Central Government in the Current Corona Situation Eminent Spea
Webinar on Interpretation of well-known Criminal Clauses
Webinar on Google for Business
Things to keep in mind when acquiring land property
Extract the corona - spiritually
Webinar on Founder’s Mentality & Its Impact on Family Business
Webinar on Should you invest in Bitcoin?
challenges of happy life
Victory is beyond fear
Webinar on Ecosystem Restoration on World Environment Day
Webinar on Basic Documentation for Successful Start-ups
Webinar on Train Your Brain
Webinar on Unlock Your Creative AVATAR
Webinar on Trade Finance
Webinar on Zindagi Ke Saath Bhi, Zindagi Ke Baad Bhi
Webinar on Mental and Physical Health Beyond Corona
Can Vastu Shastra be useful in business industry?
Webinar on Start-up Opportunities in Edu-Tech Sector
Webinar on Are Women Protected by Law?
Webinar on Changing Face of Litigation in the Regime of Data Analytics & Intelligence
Webinar on People After Pandemic
Webinar on New E-Filling 2.0 & New ITRs: Changes & Challenges
Webinar on Start-up Opportunities in Fin-Tech
Are women protected by law? (Part-2)
Sharing Life Journey of Shri Sevantibhai Shah
Webinar on The New DGFT - IT Portal
Webinar on Legal Challenges Before Commercial Enterprises & Contractual Obligations
Webinar on Urban Agriculture: Hydroponics Opening New Avenues
Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights
Webinar on Business Development Strategies
Webinar on Grow Your Own Veggies on Terrace and Kitchen Garden
Webinar on Education Before Birth / Educating The Unborn
Webinar on Global Trend and Creating Value with Processing of Manmade Fiber
Webinar on Audit / Scrutiny Assessment - How to Present and Procedures
Webinar on General Insurance: A Backbone of Trade, Industry and Individuals
Webinar on Drafting & Pleading under GST by CA Bimal Jain
The Podiatry Talk Show on Diabetes and Orthopedic Foot Problems
Webinar on SENSEX Bouncing… 55000! Next Target… 100000?